A new skin has arrived in Fortnite and this time G.I. Joe‘s Snake Eyes is the newest member joining the hunt.

Fortnite gamers can see the Snake Eyes outfit in The Arashikage Clan set and is already available in the Item Shop. Along with the skin, the set includes a Back Bling and Katana Pickaxe. The developers at Fortnite have released the G.I. Joe Snake Eyes outfit alongside Hasbro‘s upcoming action figure, which is entirely based on the skin. Though the skin is readied for online gameplay, fans will have to wait until January 2022 for the Hasbro action figure to drop. Fortnite and G.I. Joe fans who find the physical memento appealing can currently pre-order the action figure.

The collaboration is seen as a not-so-subtle plug for the new Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie, tentatively expected to premier later this year in October. Recently, Fortnite has offered a slew of different skins including characters depicted as soccer players to superheroes. With the ongoing recent partnerships, Fortnite players can continue to expect Epic Games to expand its portfolio and extend itself beyond the video game.

Note the details of the Fortnite-inspired G.I. Joe action figure below, and pre-order the item on Hasbro Pulse for $40 USD.

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