Meta has recently launched a new feature called Music Revenue Sharing, which allows creators to monetize Facebook videos that feature music from artists such as Post Malone and Tove Lo. The company described the tool as “a new way to earn money with popular music.”

Creators will gain access to a licensed library of music and will be able to monetize these videos featuring the specified music with ads. Creators can get a 20% cut of the ad revenue, and the rest goes to Meta and the music rights holders. However, videos must be at least one minute long, and the music itself cannot be the video’s primary focus. Unlicensed videos will be muted or blocked or have their account disabled if the offense continues repeatedly. Currently, the new tool will be exclusive to Facebook videos as it does not address usage in Reels.

Billboard noted that Meta is too big for the industry to ignore. However, the company would need to keep access to a robust music library in order to be able to compete with YouTube and TikTok.

In case you missed it, another company named Meta sues Meta.
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