If you’re watching Netflix’s latest mystical drama series Fate: The Winx Saga and are totally obsessed with Bloom’s coming-of-age story, you’re not alone. We still can’t get over how she grows into her fairy magic, defends Alfea from the Burned Ones with her friends, and even has time to strike up a possible romance with resident specialist and heartthrob Sky — it’s safe to say we’re already counting the days for season two. Apart from defending her school from monsters and figuring out how to use her fire magic, Bloom has a whole other set of problems to deal with: she quickly figures out she’s actually a changeling. If you’re feeling a bit confused about this whole changeling business, not to worry — you’re not alone. This idea is introduced from the beginning of the series, and it’s even a bit jarring for Bloom, too. So what is a changeling, and what does it mean for Bloom’s character?

Officially, a changeling is a fairy child that replaces a human one, and the idea is found in all kinds of folklore throughout Europe. Changelings are believed to be switched without the baby or human parents knowing, and the fairies secretly keep the human child. Since Bloom is a changeling, finding out early on in the series from her friend Aisha, that means she is actually a born fairy, and not her parents’ daughter after all. That also means her parents’ real daughter is wandering around somewhere, even though there seems to be a surefire connection between the changelings and the Burned Ones — we’re betting season two continues that exploration.

Once Bloom finds out she’s a changeling, she spends the better part of the show trying to find out more about her origins, and confronting people like Headmistress Dowling to get more information. By the end, we know Bloom was born in the Otherworld and that ex-headmistress Rosalind switched her to live on Earth to protect her from the Burned Ones, but we’re still left with several doubts about her true birth. It’s safe to say we’re looking to season two for all the answers, but at least we can now understand why Bloom’s powers are so strong, and possibly even why her relationship with her parents is so fraught.

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