Enamored With Lupin’s Sleuthing and Thievery? Try These 10 Shows On For Size

If you can’t get enough of Lupin, you are most definitely not alone: the sleuthing, sneaking, and cunning thievery of main character Assane Diop is straight-up addictive, and the script, cinematography, and Parisian-ness make the series everything we ever wanted and more. Inspired by the classic books of gentleman thief Arsène Lupin by Maurice Leblanc, the mystery thriller show centers on Diop’s need to avenge his late father and finally bring him justice. Revolving around a diamond necklace once gifted to Marie Antoinette (and worth many, many millions), the series examines economic and racial divides, the idea of justice, and how much you would risk for someone you loved. We’re obsessed — but now that it’s done, we’re watching all the shows we can find that remind us of Diop’s sly, downright-genius schemes. Ahead, find 10 shows to watch after you’re done with Lupin.

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