On Tuesday, it was announced that former Shameless star Emmy Rossum was joining the cast of the Apple TV + show, The Crowded Room. The 35-year-old star is playing the role of Tom Holland’s mother, which isn’t possible in the real world because the Spider-Man actor is 25 years old. The math doesn’t add up.

Their age difference doesn’t even hit the decade mark because of when their birthdays fall — there are only nine years and eight-and-a-half months between them. So, Hollywood wants us to use our imagination to believe that the two actors are from entirely different generations? Let’s check Twitter to see how they are feeling about this astonishing situation.

“I do like Emmy Rossum but why hire a 35 year old woman to play the mother of a 25 year old? Why not hire an older actress? Just a thought,” one user wrote. Another questioned, “Emmy Rossum is 35. Why on earth is she playing Tom Holland’s mother??” One account joked, “It’s fuzzy math.” They have a right to be mad because we’ve seen this high-level ageism happening before, including Sally Field playing Tom Hanks’ mom in Forrest Gump with only a 10-year age difference, or Nicole Kidman as Jason Momoa’s mother in Aquaman when there is only a 12-year age gap.

But when it comes to The Crowded Room, it looks like fans were missing a key plot point in the show, so there’s no need to be up in arms about the casting (this time). Writer Carina Adly Mackenzie cleared up the controversy with one tweet about an important filming device: flashbacks. “Guys — Emmy Rossum is playing Tom Holland’s mom because the vast majority of her scenes are flashbacks to his character’s very early childhood when he endured the trauma that caused his Dissociative Identity Disorder,” she wrote. “It started before he was 5 years old.” Mystery solved. This might be one project that viewers don’t have to get up in arms about, but it’s good that they are making sure Hollywood doesn’t fall into the ageism trap yet again.

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