Though we’re still trying to get over the nude photo Eric André posted of him and rumored girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski on Valentine’s Day, it looks like their connection may have already fizzled out.

On Feb 17, the model posted a cryptic video to TikTok that hinted at a potential breakup between the two.

“What should you do when a situationship ends?” she wrote over a video of her in bed seemingly topless. Ratajkowski then lip-synced “party,” while a Shia LaBeouf voiceover says in response, “No, not party.” As she guesses, however, she wrote “start another one” over the video. Does this mean she’s not only called it quits with the comedian but is already thinking about her next beau? Maybe so!

This was understandably welcome news to some fans. “I volunteer as tribute,” wrote a TikTok user, shooting a shot with the model.

Prior to this mysterious video, things seemed to be going strong for the supposed couple. In the past weeks, they had been spotted all over New York City together — from an apartment to the front row at the New York Knicks game. They even went on a romantic trip to the Cayman Islands earlier this month where they engaged in plenty of PDA. Whatever is going down right now, we’re wishing you the best in your next “situationship,” Emily!

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