Elon Musk seemingly wants more users on X to make use of the platform’s Spaces, a live audio conversation tool. The feature allows anyone to join in, speak and listen to calls regardless of device.

The entrepreneur shared that he wants to bring video to Spaces – which currently offers just audio – announcing the news in a session hosted by Mario Nawfal. Musk said the he’s aiming to roll out video by the end of 2023 but “certainly by early next year,” per TechCrunch.

“From a feature standpoint, we are working on adding video to Spaces,” he said. “It’ll just be a simple thing where you can turn the video on or off.”

“It’s helpful to see people’s body language as they speak… It conveys more information if you can see their face and their body language if they wish to,” Musk continued.

Spaces was first introduced in 2021 but hasn’t been able to directly compete with other live-streaming platforms, such as Facebook’s version, given the lack of video capabilities.
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