Continuing its efforts to spread mental health awareness, EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™) has now launched “YELLOW TRIP ROAD [E022],” a groundbreaking XR retail experience powered by metaverse pioneers AnamXR, in collaboration with virtual fashion NFT marketspace THE DEMATERIALISED.

The expansive showcase brings together virtual fashion, exclusive sound and game engine technology that combine as NFTs to spread mental health awareness in the metaverse. Together YELLOW TRIP ROAD [E022] serves as a sensory metaphor of life with mental health issues.

The unique multi-sensory experience was developed with creative direction led by EBIT™’s Dominic Laurelli and Soo Joo Park. Accompanied by sound curation in the form of the Bass Therapy EBIT™ music mix [E007c] by revered musician Johnny Jewel of the Italians Do It Better record label, through invitation by fashion’s leading sound designer Michel Gaubert, as part of the EBIT™ Mix Trilogy [E007]. The game environment generated by AnamXR’s proprietary technology and Unreal Engine helps continue EBIT™’s mission to provoke dialogue on mental health via fashion, music and art.

Featured in YELLOW TRIP ROAD [E022], Bumper Jumpers [E016] is EBIT™’s first virtual fashion release. Limited to 300 editions, the sweatshirts are a symbol of safety in evolving world. Available as NFTs via “DRIP10” on THE DEMATERIALISED platform on the Lukso blockchain, each edition includes a 3D Bumper Jumper (GLB), a game engine optimized 3D Bumper Jumper (FBX), an exclusive 2D piece of digital art from the YELLOW TRIP ROAD and an AR experience (USDZ and Snapchat).

The design of the EBIT™ Bumper Jumper [E016] is credited to Dominic Laurelli, Matthew Mounsey-Wood and OTS SrL. All physical representations made in Italy and available via local dealers in the streets.

Experience EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™)’s YELLOW TRIP ROAD [E022] on now until December 15, 12 p.m. EDT. 10% of all sales generated by the EBIT™ Bumper Jumper [E016] NFTs will be donated to the charity American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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