Community-driven NFT project Doodles is releasing physical merchandise at SXSW in the form of t-shirts, stickers, pins and a colorful vinyl collectible figurine.

Available March 11 through March 14, the launch includes apparel and souvenir items requested by the community, including tees, sweatshirts, a tote, a baseball cap, stickers and pins. The collection was designed by Burnt Toast, the artist behind the popular NFT series, with prices starting at $15 USD. The highlight of the drop is a 7.15-inch tall, $350 USD vinyl mascot in Doodles‘ signature pastel hues, produced by AllRightsReserved creative director SK Lam.

The collectible figure, apparel and souvenir items will be available to Doodles NFT holders, SXSW ticket holders and members of the public at the Doodles‘ extended experience store, powered by Shopify. A limited-edition iridescent colorway of the vinyl figure and a “GM Austin” tee will be token-gated and is only available to Doodles NFT holders via and IRL at the store.

“Since our launch in October, we’ve been working hard to establish how we will bring Doodles to life in the physical world and add value to our community that surprises and delights,” said Doodles co-founder Evan Keast. “This is the first of many launches as part of our broader, ambitious roadmap.  Every drop will evolve based on what we learn about the community, and feature innovative collaborations with other brands and known personalities in Web3, culture, design, and the arts.”

The Doodles NFT collection is comprised of 10,000 colorful works designed by Burnt Toast. It has quickly risen in popularity, with the current floor price on OpenSea being around 10.3 ETH, or about $28,000 USD.

In case you missed it, catch a playback of the recent Doodles HYPETALKS.
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