Thaddaeus Ropac gallery will be hosting a special exhibition on the great Donald Judd. The work on display will pay particular focus to the late-artist’s work from 1977 to 1991.

Judd is famous for his large-scale sculptures and installations that have exhibited all around the world. Although he resented the label of “Minimalism” that his work is widely classified under, what Judd is famously praised for his ability to accentuate the purity of an object from its symbolic meaning. Working across mathematical proportions using materials such as steel, concrete, wood, plexiglass and aluminum, Judd designed both sculptures and the environments they would live in.

Amongst the collection of unseen pieces, lies three rectangular plywood floor works, one in which is overlaid in Judd’s trademark color of choice — cadmium red light. In a 1971 interview, the artist noted further, ‘I thought for a color it had the right value for a three-dimensional object. If you paint something black or any dark color, you can’t tell what its edges are like. If you paint it white, it seems small and purist. And the red, other than a gray of that value, seems to be the only color that really makes an object sharp and defines its contours and angles.’The boxes feature an aluminum inlay set into the exterior plane and reiterate the artist’s longing to liberate himself from the wall and all matter of pictorial association.

Donald Judd at Thaddaeus Ropac views from July 24 to August 28 in Salzburg, Austria. You can also book your visit to the Donald Judd Foundation, which reopens in New York and Marfa on Jul 22.

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Thaddaeus Ropac
Mirabellplatz 2,
5020 Salzburg,
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