One of Disney‘s Loki Season 2 posters has caused quite a stir amongst fans, as they’ve alleged that generative AI was used in its design process.

Despite the latest season being reported to have cost $141.3 Million USD to produce, one fan shared “Disney too cheap to pay an artist to do their Loki promotional art, so we get this ugly AI shit again.” The fan pointed out how the figures on the incline looked unnatural and that the AI seemed to apparently not know the Roman numeral four, which was one of the primary hints that AI was used.

With nearly five months of Hollywood writers’ strikes coming to a close, largely centered around the impact of AI on the profession, it is clear that entertainment professionals are concerned over the negative impact the technology might have and the security of their work when it comes to the systems training process.

To make matters worse, another user pointed out that the background image used in the poster, which comes from Shutterstock, appears to be an AI-generated image itself — which is against the platform’s community contribution policy.

This alone raises questions and concerns about how closely these submissions are being monitored and how many other contributors out there might be submitting and making money off of AI-generated imagery that was trained off of the original work of unknowing artists and photographers.

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