Daniel Jack Lyons is an American photographer who documents marginalized youth at the peripheries of society.

In conjunction with Loose Joints, the Los Angeles-based photographer has published his first monograph which takes viewers on a journey through the Amazon. Coming from a background in social and medical anthropology, Lyons first began this study while working for Casa do Rio, a community-based non-profit that supports the lives of kids and teenagers living in the depths of the Amazon.

In particular, the series aims to empower the trans and queer communities of the region, “exploring how deep indigenous traditions and modern identity politics meet in a celebratory, safe space, deep in the lush canopies and vegetation of the rainforest,” according to a statement by the publisher.

Like a River is a hardcover book that spans 112 pages and is exclusively produced using recycled materials. The book is available to purchase for £36 GBP / $43 USD at Loose Joints and Village Leeds.

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