As one of the best-selling global footwear brands, Christian Louboutin’s eponymous label has stayed the course with directional shoe design and raising cultural awareness. For Spring/Summer 2022, the designer is rejoined by Sabrina and Idris Elba for ‘Season II’ of its successful “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Collection.

The vibrant capsule features a melange of curated colors for men and women, including a sporty white and mixed-pastel “Louis Junior Spikes” sneaker, a sleek black “Greggy Chick” lace-up shoe and a pair of white graphicized “2002sl Low” sneakers for men. Co-created by the Elba’s and Mr. Louboutin, each shoe comprises the famed “red bottom” sole that the CL brand has become known for, and continues on the same uplifting path as the ‘Season I’ drop – which has raised more than $1 Million USD since the capsule’s inception in 2021.

Building strong ties with the brand and the new capsule’s emphasis on family and community, the Elba’s creations for ‘Season II’ are personal to their origin story. Sabrina’s “Maryam” sandal is dedicated to her mother, while Idris’ “2002SL” sneaker is named after his birth country, Sierra Leone. Additional styles include a burnt orange and red espadrille loafer that buffers CL’s “collection for change,” where 100% of proceeds go directly to six different charities, including the AfriKids and Casa 93 foundations.

Speaking about the new collection during a behind-the-scenes video shoot, Sabrina says, “Seeing what we did and the impact we had with the first collection, it just feels like an honor to be able to carry it on.” Chiming in, Mr. Louboutin adds, “This is a celebration of when you do something which works in many ways, and which helps people – and helps organizations.”

The new “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Collection is available to shop now and can be purchased via the brand’s website.

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