Blended Scotch whisky brand, Chivas, has collaborated with UK rap star Stefflon Don, as Chivas continues to inspire its next generation of Scotch whiskey drinkers from around the globe with its new “I Rise, We Rise” campaign.

Inspired by Stefflon Don’s highly-anticipated debut album, Island 54, the limited-edition Chivas 12 x Stefflon Don is a revitalized take on Chivas’ iconic design, hit with a tropical twist that reflects the theme of Stefflon Don’s forthcoming project.

For example, palm tree illustrations are applied to the bottle in hues of “Bold Blue” and “Hot Pink,” while the customary Chivas branding can be spotted in gold across the center of the illustration. Additionally, the design is completed with the inclusion of Stefflon Don’s signature in a striking neon font.

Commenting on the release of her new collaboration, Stefflon Don said: “Everyone knows I’m a fan of Chivas, so I’m glad the news is finally out there that we’ve teamed up to drop our bottle inspired by my new album. Island 54 is a celebration of the diverse cultures and artists that inspired me on my journey, and this is what our collaboration is about.

“It’s more than just whisky and music, it’s about us sharing the same ethos around working together to carve your path to success and celebrating the melting pot of cultural influences that inspire us to create something unique. The design is also pure summer vibes – the label, the colors, the artwork – everything about it is a true work of art and only the start of our journey – watch this space!”

The Chivas 12 x Stefflon Don collaboration will be available to buy via select retailers on August 12 and in other news, check out the new Heinz x Morley’s collaboration.

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