Charmin has officially hopped on the non-fungible token train, launching its own toilet paper-themed NFT, or as the brand calls it NFTP (non-fungible toilet paper).

Charmin’s NFT is expected to come with a “physical display” in case owners would want to “hang your NFTP in your bathroom alongside your IRL rolls.” Charmin has five designs ready for bidding, selling only one NFT per design. The company has announced that all proceeds from the NFT sales will go directly to humanitarian aid non-profit, Direct Relief. So far, bids for the NFTP range between $500 USD to $2,100 USD.

Charmin is no stranger to jumping on trends to generate social buzz. CNN reported that just last year, Charmin “released a Bluetooth-enabled robot that delivers toilet paper straight to the bathroom when users run out.” Charmin is not the only brand to jump on the cryptocurrency trend. Just this week, news platform Quartz began selling its debut NFT news article and Pizza Hut Canada announced their “non-fungible pizza.”

Those interested can check out Charmin’s NFTPs on Rarible.

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