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They called me the Three-Eyed Raven. Or, rather, I called myself the Three-Eyed Raven; it seemed a fitting nom de plume for the feverish Game Of Thrones reviews and episode recaps I penned for this very website. 

Every single Easter egg was analysed, I spent my nights poring over George RR Martin’s books and considering fan theories from every angle. I even interviewed a Belfast taxi driver on my way to the final season’s premiere: he had carried many an interesting extra in his cab, and he had a LOT of interesting ideas about what would happen in the show as a result (he turned out to be bang on the money about everything).

Essentially, I lived and breathed Game Of Thrones – and now the (self-appointed) Three-Eyed Raven will fly again. Because after the House Of The Dragon TV series – aka the hugely anticipated Game Of Thrones prequel – premieres in the UK on Monday 22 August, I’ll be sending out The Dragon Digest direct to inboxes at the end of every episode – and I’d love you to join me by signing up.

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What is House Of The Dragon about?  

Focusing on the white-haired (and fire-obsessed) Targaryen dynasty that once dominated Westeros, the 10-episode TV series is based on George RR Martin’s Fire And Blood book – it take us back to a time set 200 years before Ned Stark lost his head. A time when half-siblings Aegon II and Rhaenyra plunged all of Westeros into a furious civil war. A time when the fearsome dragons that soared high above the land… well, I’d better stop there. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest watching the trailer and reading up on who’s who.

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What can you expect from The Dragon Digest?  

After each episode airs on Monday night, The Dragon Digest will land in your inbox. I’ll be delving into the big moments, the ‘I didn’t see THAT coming!’ reveals, and the bits I loved (and hated). I’ll be cracking open a few dragon-sized Easter eggs, shining a light on those vital characters who have slipped under the radar, and analysing the worthiest fan theories only. And, of course, I’ll be rounding up the absolute best memes and reactions from Twitter, too. What more could you want?

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