After debuting the single-motor RWD Debut Edition of the LYRIQ back in April last year, Cadillac has now unveiled a dual-motor AWD trim for the SUV. As you’d expect, the additional motor gives the power output of the trim a pretty significant bump from 340 horsepower to 500 horsepower sent through all four wheels.

Cadillac hasn’t provided any figures for the updated torque, although the standard edition makes 325 pound-feet, so you can expect an increase from that number as well. Towing capacity now comes in at 3,500 pounds, and the car will share the same 100kWh battery pack as its RWD counterpart, which will give it a range of roughly 312 miles on a single charge. With fast DC charging, the SUV can run for around 75 miles after 10 minutes, and a Level 2 charger will give it 54 miles per hour of charging.

For now, Cadillac will be opening orders for the Debut Edition on May 19, and other trims will be on sale in the fall. Deliveries for the latter are expected for next year.

In other automotive news, Nissan has closed orders for its 2022 GT-R in Japan.
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