Netflix has unveiled the first official trailer for Leonard Bernstein biopic, Maestro. Bradley Cooper not only stars as the esteemed conductor, but also the film’s director, making the project his second directorial venture since A Star Is Born in 2018.

A biographical romance, the film will primarily focus on Bernstein’s relationship with longterm lover, Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein, played by Carey Mulligan. Other cast members include Maya Hawke and Sam Nivola, playing the couple’s daughter and son, respectively, as well as Matt Bomer, Sarah Silverman, Gideon Glick, Gabe Fazio, Eric Parkinson, William Hill, Nick Blaemire, Oscar Pavlo, Tim Rogan and Mallory Portnoy.

Netflix describes the film as a “towering, fearless love story”, which is exemplified in the trailer. At just under two minutes, the trailer opens with a scene of a young Bernstein and Montealegre playing a number guessing game to “build [their] strong connection”, and ends with the couple, now significantly older, playing the same game. While the trailer begins in full black-and-white, as it progresses, in-color clips are intermingled within the sequence. Check it out in full above.

The film is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September, followed by a release in select theaters beginning on November 22. Maestro will then hit Netflix on December 20.

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