Balenciaga has unveiled its Fall 2022 collection, presenting “a message from the past about what could have been and never was.” The collection — titled “The Lost Tape” — draws on the late ’90s, celebrating the spirit of raw ideas that ran throughout fashion in this period.

This theme was referenced in the show’s direction by Harmony Korine, who released a short note expounding on “The Lost Note” concept. The note reads, “Hi, I found this. I made it for you many years ago. I finally found it.”

To achieve this ambition, creative director Demna — who announced he would now be known by only his first name — mixed historic motifs with new silhouettes. This includes a bell-shaped parka combined with travel pillow, trench coats crossed with bathrobes and a three-piece silhouette constructed from five-pocket jeans. Throughout the collection, tailoring is deconstructed, underwear waistbands are shown and wrap closures are finished with oversized safety pins and other DIY-style fastenings.

“The Lost Tape” approach continues onto the footwear, which includes unisex ballerina flats, thigh high waders based on cowboy boots and the pliable Falkon Boot. Stand out accessories include the Lindsay Bag, which mixes a Balenciaga classic with references to a buckled ’90s purse, and the Emo Bag, complete with fetish straps and extra hardware. The full collection is produced using 89.6% certified sustainable plain and printed fabrics, as well as items constructed using upcycled leather.

To accompany the show, Balenciaga revealed that Demna would now only use his first name, “distinguishing an artist title from a birthname and therefore separating creative work from personal life.”

The lookbook can be viewed in the gallery above, while the full “The Lost Tape” show can be viewed via the Balenciaga site.

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