Floral artist Azuma Makoto is best known for his daring and eye-catching floral arrangements, often seen as beautiful backdrops for fashion’s biggest events, covers and showstopping runways.

Makoto, who is the owner of the haute-couture floral shop, JARDINS des FLEURS in Tokyo, has always pursued different perspectives of expression through the beauty of flowers. Design house Mighty Jaxx has adapted one of Makoto’s works into a limited edition collectible, Flower And Man (Winter Edition), into a polystone statue. The piece explores the relationship between man and floral kind as winter blooms fill the spherical head of the figure. Each of the six flowers featured are chosen carefully to reflect different significances.

The Camellia symbolizes love and affection, while the Christmas rose represents purity, the primroses represent optimism and youth, the pansies for consideration, ornamental cabbages for abundance and crocus flowers round out the bouquet with a rich symbolism of rebirth.

Only 500 pieces are available for purchase and will be available starting October 9 at 9 a.m. EST. For more information, check out Mighty Jaxx.

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