A&W Restaurants are celebrating the arrival of Fall with a line of merch inspired by its famous fried cheese curds.

Cheddar Weather is a collection including hand-painted boots, letterman jackets and patches, fanny packs, hats, tees and scarves given over to autumnal shades and all-American themes.

The Kentucky-headquartered, 102-year-old restaurant franchise is known not only for its A&W Cheese Curds made from Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese but for its irreverent marketing campaigns.

The Cheddar Weather collection is the brainchild of Kentucky-based ad agency, Coomer, and pieces are available now. Prices start at $25 USD for a Minor League Baseball tee all the way up to $714.99 USD for a pair of hand-painted Thorogood x Caylie Mindling x A&W Restaurants boots.

The collection has been a collaborative effort involving a number of American makers from Wisconsin, Kentucky and further afield such as Thorogood, Universal Lettering Co., Henry Dry Goods, Savant Studios, Bri Bowers and Caylie Mindling.

Cheddar Weather is available now via A&W Restaurants.
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