Ashley Walters and Kano recently sat down for an interview with NME to discuss what fans can expect for the second season of Top Boy. The show, which originally launched in 2011, introduced the U.K. to a fictional estate in Hackney across two intense, four-part seasons. After its cancelation, Netflix picked up the show for its platform, garnering major interest from a global audience including high-profile rapper, Drake.

Ahead of the release, Walters and Kano discussed the premises of season two. Last season, the show explored the effects of gentrification, xenophobia and the impact of government immigration policy. Topics of homophobia and social status were also discussed. Kano, who also goes by Kane Robinson, said, “I wouldn’t say we have an obligation [to talk about these things], but we want to be real.” He added, “If it’s true to those characters in that area that they’re growing up in, then it only makes sense that we speak about it. As long as we remain truthful, and not just try to box-tick, that is when the show is at its best.” On the same topic, Walters noted, “People keep reminding us how long the show’s been on for. It’s just embedded in the culture now. What we’ve created is a platform for loads of different people, from all walks of life, with all different aspirations, to flourish and succeed.”

Walters also divulges what pushes his character Dushane this season, “Predominantly, it’s power. I don’t think he’s a materialistic person and I don’t think it’s actually about the money. I think he feeds off something a bit deeper, which has more to do with his status.” Kano, on the other hand, discusses how Sully has evolved since the events of last season, “He’s trying to find himself and his place in this world. More and more bags of money are turning up but he [feels like] he has nothing. He’s becoming more of a selfless person too.”

The actors understand that the show exists on a bigger stage, beyond just Netflix. Walters said, “It’s bigger, and it’s better – it’s all those good things. We’re really driving home who these characters are in this season.”

Top Boy season two comes out today on Netflix.

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