Analogue has accrued something of a cult following for its retro-inspired handheld gaming devices. In September, the gaming company launched a transparent version of its acclaimed Analogue Pocket, a nod to the clear Game Boy models of the late 1980s.

Two months later, Analogue has returned with a fresh take on the Pocket. This time, the lineup is full of eye-catching, colorful models dubbed the “Classic Limited Editions.”

The devices are essentially the same as the original Pocket but are being made available in a one-time-only assortment of colorways: blue, green, indigo, pink, red, yellow, silver and spice orange. All of the colors were previously made available on the Game Boy Pocket or Game Boy Advance, making it truly a throwback for OG gamers.

As for the technical specs, the device supports original Game Boy titles, along with those from the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Atari Lynx and Neo Geo Pocket. It features a 3.5” LCD screen with 1600×1440 resolution, mappable buttons and ten hours of gameplay per charge.

The Analogue Pocket “Classic Limited Editions” will go on sale online on Friday, November 17, for $249 USD.

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