This is Lindsay Lohan‘s comeback era, we can feel it. Between the loving posts of her husband to show-stopping bikini snapshots, Lohan is always glowing and smiling. And her newest post is no different.

On Aug 21, Lohan made everyone stop in their tracks with a killer, dramatic selfie we can’t stop staring at. She posted it with the simple caption, “Glam Time 💖 #bts.”

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Whether it be on the beach or behind the scenes, Lohan knows how to glow in any setting. The Mean Girls star looks so radiant as she’s rocking her natural red hair, coral-lipped pout, and dramatic and feathered white ensemble. From the eye makeup to the bold clothing, Lohan is truly in her element. Now, we don’t know what this is behind the scenes of, it could be another photoshoot or a promotional event for her upcoming film Falling for Christmas. Either way, we love it!

If you also noticed, Lohan has been so happy the past few years, and that’s thanks to a few factors. The most recent factor is her low-key relationship with her new husband Bader Shammas, they recently eloped, only months after announcing their engagement in Nov. 2021.

But there’s another huge contributing factor: her famous move to Dubai. Ever since the star moved to there, she’s seemed much healthier and she credits it to Dubai’s one major law.  She recently told Vogue: “I think it’s because paparazzi are illegal there. I really found that I had a private life, and I could just take time for myself. I decided to stay there because I really learned to appreciate what it is to go, do my work, and then leave and live a normal life.”

Here’s to many more happy moments and selfies!

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