It seemed like it might never happen but the remake of the GBA Advance Wars games is going ahead, as is Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection.

Considering its original release last year was cancelled because it coincided with the Russian invasion of Ukraine there seemed a very good chance that Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp might never see the light of day.

That’s not the case though and in Wednesday night’s Nintendo Direct it was announced the game will be released on April 21. Why Nintendo chose that day rather than any other is a mystery but we’re not going to complain.

The elegant simplicity of the first game, in particular, makes it one of our favourites of all-time and a classic strategy game that has proven highly influential, even if sister series Fire Emblem has taken most of the limelight in recent years.

The original game was released on the Game Boy Advance in the US in 2001 (a day before 9/11) and the sequel in 2003. The games are actually part of a longer running series that has been around in Japan since 1988, although ironically the GBA incarnations weren’t released in their homeland until years later.

The remake should be in safe hands as it’s being overseen by Shantae creators WayForward and will add new animated sequences and various mod cons, including online multiplayer.

While we’re on the subject, another of our most beloved franchises also had a remake compilation announced as part of the Nintendo Direct, in the form of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection.

The collection includes revamped versions of the first three entries in the series, which are first person dungeon crawlers so hardcore you have to draw your own map (this worked perfectly on the DS but the Switch version has to use a split-screen display to make it work).

There are two obvious problems though, the collection costs an eye-watering £71.99 and it’s actually Etrian Odyssey 4 that’s our favourite and, as far as we’re concerned, one of the best role-players of all-time.

Why they stopped just before they hit solid gold we don’t know but the first three games are also going to be available separately for £35.99. All of them including the collection, will launch on June 1.

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