In the realm of illustrious American families, few names resonate as deeply as the Kennedys. The epitome of political legacy, this iconic family has captured the imagination and admiration of the nation for generations. The Kennedy Family Compound in Hyannis Port, a serene sanctuary nestled on Cape Cod, has been the backdrop for countless tales of unity and resilience.

Recently, however, this tranquil retreat became the center of attention for an unexpected and contentious incident involving a journalist and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the sometimes controversial environmental attorney and activist campaigning to be the Democratic candidate for the 2024 United States presidential election. After interviewing Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a journalist went as far as to label the 69-year-old a “bully.”

For those less familiar with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s political stances, some have been controversial, to say the least. He has repeatedly spread misinformation about the COVID vaccine, calling it “the deadliest vaccine ever made.” He also believes that the mainstream media hasn’t treated him fairly and cannot be trusted, going as far as to say outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post have been “compromised” by the CIA.

The interview seemed tense from the beginning. Vanity Fair journalist Joe Hagan had to wait 45 minutes at the Kennedy’s Hyannis Port compound as the presidential hopeful ran late for the interview. Instead of having the interview at the illustrious compound as planned, Hagan had to instead chat with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as they made their way to a fundraiser via ferry to Nantucket. As soon as the two started chatting, RFK Jr. voiced his frustrations with how his vaccine stances are “all censored.”

“Even Trump was not treated like this,” he explained to Hagan of his portrayal mainstream media. “Tucker [Carlson] said it’s the worst treatment that he’s ever seen in his life, of any public figure.”

“And that’s why I initially said I wasn’t interested in talking to you,” he then told Hagan, “because I know that it would be very unusual for me to get fair treatment from a mainstream journal,” before lecturing the professional journalist on how to do his job.

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