Whenever we hear certain stars are hitting the red carpet, we know we’re going to get an instantly showstopping, best-dressed moment. Without fail, one Oscar-winning star brings the drama and sparkle in a look people will think about for years to come. That’s right; we’re talking about Jessica Chastain.

Seriously, whether it’d be a sparkling ballgown or a daring look that reminds us of a spiderweb (yes, we’re talking about that iconic dress from the 2023 Golden Globes), Chastain knows how to turn heads.

Chastain is a modern fashion icon, and she doesn’t fail to talk about her passion for the sartorial part of her life. In an interview with L’Officiel, the Eyes of Tammy Faye star talked about how she doesn’t have time for critics. “I do have an issue with people blaming women for having a ton of shoes, or too many clothes — come on,” she said. “If someone wants to look fabulous, let them look fabulous. Let them express themselves in whatever way they want to. If they want to wear a pound of makeup, let them do it. If they want to wear wigs, let them do it.

She added, “I love fashion and glam as a form of self-expression.” And her looks never fail to make us feel!

Check out every showstopping look Chastain has worn on the red carpet over the years below!

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