Netflix’s smash hit series Emily In Paris has returned for a second run, bringing more fabulous fashion, ill-judged liaisons and picture-postcard scenery to our screens. Warning: this story contains spoilers for the season premiere.

It is a beautiful work of TV synergy that during the dark days of winter, the arrival of HBO Max’s Sex And The City revival And Just Like That should coincide with the return of Netflix’s hit romcom series Emily In Paris.

Why? Because if you’re of the opinion that fashion, frivolity and fantasy are the perfect antidote to the world as we know it, then I think we can all agree that two metropolitan comedies are definitely better than one.

And so to the City of Light, where marketing-executive-turned-influencer Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) has returned one year after we were first introduced (yep, it’s really been a year folks). Created by Sex And The City’s Darren Star with outfits to rival Carrie Bradshaw herself (thanks to SATC’s legendary costume designer Patricia Field), the show promises plenty more croissants, selfies and misadventures in love – and judging by the season two trailer, Emily’s life is only getting more complicated.

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In case you’re in need of a brief reminder of everything that went down with Emily, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Camille (Camille Razat) and Mindy (Ashley Park) last season, allow us to refresh your memory.

After a few teething problems at Savoir, which involved butting heads with her boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and a brief firing, Emily is finally finding her feet at work. On the other hand, Emily’s love life is spiralling out of control after she ends up spending a night with her neighbour Gabriel, who has just broken up with Emily’s friend Camille. The next day, she discovers that he plans to stay in Paris to open his own restaurant – and receives a text from Camille saying that she wants to talk. 

The question is, how will all of this play out for our Midwestern ingénue? There’s only one way to find out – so join us as we dive into the season premiere of Emily In Paris

EmilyInParis: Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Lily Collins as Emily, and Camille Razat as Camille in the second season

1. Emily’s back jogging in the park and having hot flashbacks of her night of passion with Gabriel. So distracting are the visions that she very nearly gets flattened walking out into the road. Luckily for us, she’s saved by a very disapproving French woman.

2. Mindy’s trying on glitzy outfits and asking Emily if she can bring customers to the cabaret club tonight. Mindy, if there’s free drinks on offer, we’ll find a way to be there, trust and believe.

3. Camille’s messaging Emily. She wants to talk after the morning meeting. Does she know?

4. Emily tells Mindy about her dangerous liaison with Gabriel. Mindy is hyped: “Get it girl!” she squeals, going to give her flatmate a high-five. Haven’t we all got that one friend who lives for drama?

Emily In Paris: Lily Collins as Emily Cooper in the second season of Netflix’s romcom series

5. Mindy reminds Emily that she’s got a romantic weekend in Saint-Tropez coming up with Mathieu, i.e, the perfect alibi. This girl’s a quick thinker.

6. Emily bumps into Gabriel outside his new restaurant, which he’s in the process of decorating and looking way too immaculate for someone who should be covered in dust and paint. He’s also completely unbothered about the situation with Camille.

7. Gabriel’s new boss Antoine is holding a teeny tiny espresso cup and looking faintly ridiculous. He’s invited Emily to the restaurant’s tasting dinner the following night. But Emily can’t make it! She’s heading to Saint-Tropez with Mathieu. Gabriel looks like he wants to hurl a paint pot.

8. Antoine’s smiling like a Cheshire cat and saying Mathieu is a “lucky man”. He’s stirring the pot and knows it.

Emily In Paris: Sylvie, Camille and Emily have lunch in the season 2 premiere

9. Camille’s arrived at Savoir to meet Emily. She’s dressed to kill in a white blazer with enormous shoulder pads, plus she’s wearing dark sunglasses indoors, a power move I could only dream of pulling off.

10. She’s confiding in Emily that she knows Gabriel hasn’t stayed in Paris for her, and that there’s something else behind it. Emily’s looking green. Or is it just her outfit?

11. Julien’s champagne campaign sucks and Camille evidently agrees. She’s got other things on her mind, i.e, Gabriel, and wants to have lunch with Emily. Emily’s sending pleading looks at Sylvie, who, like a shark to blood in the water, senses something’s afoot because she’s agreed to come to Emily’s rescue.

12. Normandy is Sylvie’s least favourite place in France apparently, all “damp beaches and apple cider”. What a thoroughly delicious putdown. 

Emily In Paris: Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie

13. Camille’s declaring over lunch that she knows why Gabriel is staying in Paris. Drum roll please! 

14. OK, she doesn’t actually know the real reason. But there’s something else behind his decision to stay, she asserts, she just doesn’t know yet what it is. Camille, you are literally sat beside the reason.

14. Sylvie’s sitting there shooting Emily quizzical looks. She’s got it all sussed out, mark my words.

15. Bingo! Camille’s nipped off to see la dame pipi (that’s the loo, to you and me), and Sylvie’s pounced. “So you’re having an affair with the chef aren’t you?”

16. Sylvie is positively gleeful. “You’re getting more French by the day,” she says airily, lighting up a cigarette.

17. Emily’s on the phone to Mathieu, who’s just informed her that he’s booked a night train to Saint-Tropez. We all know what that means.

Emily In Paris: Ashley Park as Mindy Chen

18. Camille’s called round Emily’s apartment before they go to Mindy’s show. My question to Emily: why would you invite Camille to the scene of the crime?

19. Well, my point is proven. Camille’s just spotted Gabriel’s omelette pan.

20. Emily’s dragged Camille out the door before she can ask any more questions. Mindy texts Emily telling her not to attend the show because it’s not a good night.

21. OK, we now know why: Mindy’s been relegated to the toilet attendant. She is La Dame Pipi!

22. All hope is not lost, because Mindy’s been permitted a turn on stage. She’s performing Dynamite by BTS, and making me long for a karaoke duet. 

23. She’s just kissed Camille on the lips! Ooh la la.

Emily In Paris: Mindy performs at the cabaret club

24. Emily has a suitcase for her forthcoming trip that’s so absurdly large she could stow away in it. It’s also got Pierre Cadault’s face on it, which is not exactly coordinating with the going-away look.

25. Gabriel’s at his restaurant during the important pre-launch dinner. Nope, he’s not thinking about the critics, in case you’re wondering. He’s calling Emily, who’s just this second boarded the train with Mathieu. 

26. Gabriel’s lamenting that the girl he stayed in Paris for doesn’t want to be with him. 

27. Emily’s trying to be strong and tell Gabriel that she doesn’t want to do this to Camille, but her resolve is, well, pretty much non-existent.

Emily In Paris: Lucas Bravo as Gabriel

28. Gabriel’s saying he can’t stop thinking about Emily, and she’s admitted she feels the same.

29. Oh no, Mathieu’s overheard everything. He’s asking Emily point blank if she’s in love with Gabriel and she can’t answer.

30. Mathieu says he can’t go to Saint-Tropez with a girl who’s in love with someone else. Fair, right?

31. Crikey, Mathieu’s just leapt off the train and Emily’s stuck in her cabin watching him fade into the distance.  A single girl in Saint-Tropez? I’m sure Emily will make the most of it…

The second season of Emily in Paris premieres on Netflix on 22 December.

Images: Netflix

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