Back in March, automotive customizer 1016 Industries unveiled its exposed carbon fiber and 3D-printed performance part-clad iteration of the McLaren 720S, and now it’s back with a stunning purple version.

Informed by the same carbon fiber and 3D-printed formula, the 720S seen above is anything but stock. The lightweight development and addition of exterior body parts have resulted in a weight loss of 250 lbs, while the four-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine has been boosted from 710 HP to 900 HP, courtesy of a BF Stage 2 tune.

An exclusive stainless steel race exhaust system has also been fitted to make sure that the 720S sounds as raucous and untamed as possible. It sits on carbon fiber-surrounded rims that are highlighted with flashes of orange on the center locking caps, brake calipers, and inside the carbon louvers on the rim housing, while more carbon has been added to notable areas such as the frunk, mid-mounted engine cover, wing, front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and even the wing mirror caps.

Speaking on the car, 1016 Industries founder Peter Northrop says, “Since day one, purple was really the boldest color that 1016 Industries could think of to showcase a fully exposed carbon 720S. Everything was designed to complement all the small details on the car… For this 720S, our carbon fiber work is the centerpiece. In addition to the unique styling and design, the benefits of integrating carbon fiber materials into exotic platforms like the 720S is undeniable. At 1016 Industries, our focus is perfecting how the best-applied materials can be used to make exotics not only stand out, but outperform at every level.”

The 1016 Industries McLaren 720S that you see above costs $650,000 USD, which is considerably more than the base $299,999 USD starting price of a stock model. Take a closer look at the car above, and find out more on 1016 Industries’ website.

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