Airrack went on a mission in a new YouTube video to rank 100 fast food restaurants!

The YouTuber and his friends went to so many drive-thrus, traveled to other states and stopped by some of the most popular restaurants across many different types of food.

In order to rank each location, Airrack and his team took into consideration the taste of the food, the experience at the restaurant and the speed of which they got their food.

Obviously, this is subjective, and he even notes, “Some of my ratings are going to make you very angry.”

For his ranking, he used a tier list, and for those that are “S” tier, the highest, he went into the restaurant and tipped workers $100 each. And at the end of the video, actually went back to one of the restaurants and gave them a bonus tip of $5k in an emotional ending to the video.

Find out the best and worst fast food restaurants inside…

Ranked as the best, on the “S” tier, were Habanero Mexican Grill, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, Dave’s Hot Chicken, Starbucks, Chipotle, Cava and In-N-Out.

Ranked as the worst were Yoshinoya, White Castle, Hardee’s, Little Caesars, Long John Silvers and Boston Market.

However, there was one restaurant that really stuck out and he thought deserved “GOD” tier, and that was Habanero Mexican Grill, which has only been open for a couple of years and is run by just two guys.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the rankings!

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?!

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