Today in News That’s Still Mostly the Same: Things are still v tense between Prince William and Prince Harry. You know, just in case you were wondering.

The existence of Will and Harry’s “royal rift” is not news, but new statements from a royal source close to the situation are kind of taking the “wow, srsly” factor of the whole ordeal to the next level, TBH. Skeptical? Just scroll and read and we’ll regroup in a sec.

“William is absolutely allergic to drama, but Harry has ensured that the family laundry is being aired on a global scale,” a royal source explained to the Mail Online. “I think they will find themselves in a better position in the future, but not now. And too much water has gone under the bridge for things to ever go back to the way they were.”

Oh, wait. Are you currently thinking, “Oh, that’s not so drastic” or “yeah, well, this has all pretty much been said before”? KEEP. SCROLLING.

“Truthfully, William thinks Harry has been sucked into an alien world and there’s f*ck all he can do about it,” the source added, pulling absolutely zero punches about the state of things between the brothers.

Yep. Harry has been “sucked into an alien world” (whatever that means) and there is “f*ck all [Will] can do about it.” Ooooooooof.

FWIW, even the Mail Online source (who seems like maybe they were speaking to the media over a few pints at the local pub or just truly DGAF about being coy with how things are within the royal fam) seems cautiously optimistic about what the future holds for Will and Harry.

“But he does want Harry to be happy, and if he stops throwing dust in their faces, then maybe he will find a way to forgive and forget,” the source concluded, on a hopeful(ish) note.

So…at least there’s that? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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