The problem with being on reality shows is that people follow your off-camera life as well as your on-camera one — and expect you to share equal parts of both. Jinger Duggar has been part of the reality world since she was 15, first with her parents and siblings on 19 Kids & Counting, then with her husband Jeremy Vuolo and their family in the spinoff, Counting On. The couple, married in 2016, have two daughters: two-year-old Felicity Nicole, and Evangeline “Evy” Jo, born last November (via CheatSheet). The Duggars are known for their conservative Christianity and their traditional belief that women should focus on marriage and family, and Jinger has done just that; her Instagram feed is filled with photos of family outings, affectionate messages to Jeremy (“I love this guy so much!”), affirmations of faith, and occasional shout-outs to their online merch store, Hope & Stead.

But viewers are quick to read into every image she shares. One selfie she posted in January got viewers worried that her smile looked too forced, and they worried she might be under stress at home. Now, concerns are rising over the fact that Jinger hasn’t shared a photo of Evy Jo since December. In fact, the last time the Vuolos have put Evy before a camera was in January, in a video update on TLC. The sudden silence led some to draw drastic conclusions — including fears that something might be wrong with the baby’s health or development. One gossiper even shared an unfounded rumor that Evy had been born with Down syndrome (via CafeMom).

Fans are also critical of Jinger and Jeremy's accessory choice

The nosy commenters were quickly slammed by other followers, who pointed out that the couple might be trying to preserve their children’s privacy. Some noted that Jinger’s recent pictures of Felicity don’t show her face. “I don’t share my children’s faces/identity on social media, either. Too dangerous!” said one viewer. Another remarked, “I think maybe they are waiting for the new season [of Counting On] to start before showing the baby.” And others supported Jinger by noting that she has no obligation to share every moment of her life with the public.

This isn’t the only Jinger-related issue getting attention from Counting On fans. The Vuolos recently visited Los Angeles, and some of the photos from the trip show them wearing face masks. Though some fans applauded them for doing so (“Yay for mask-wearing — it saves lives!” and “It’s the responsible thing to do”), other followers urged them to “Take it off!” and “Breathe fresh air!” One even suggested that they were dishonoring their religious beliefs by “conform[ing]” to the mask laws. “Do you think that [biblical prophets] would be putting their faith in a piece of cloth, or their God-given immune system?”

Yes, such is the life of a reality star — if “reality” means living under a microscope.

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