11:50 AM PT — The attorney for Bauer’s alleged victim, Brian Freedman, asked TMZ Sports to publish an unredacted photograph showing his clients alleged injuries … saying the damage could NOT possibly be part of a consensual encounter.

“Look at this picture. No one – absolutely no one – can consent to this, logically or legally. Trevor Bauer’s team continues to try to abuse an assault victim. They need to stop. Now.”

The alleged victim and her family requested this photo be released, per Freedman.

Trevor Bauer says he has proof his accuser admitted in writing that at least one of their sexual encounters was “consensual.”

The L.A. Dodgers star made the claims in a new court filing this week … saying he and his reps have obtained text messages between his accuser and her cousin that show she admitted that at least one night of Bauer’s rough sexual acts were consensual.

In the text message exchange … which Bauer claims went down on May 16 — the morning after the second of their two sexual encounters — the Dodgers star says the woman was having a conversation with her cousin about having sex with the pitcher.

“How you doing there dude,” Bauer claims the cousin asked.

“Dude. Not good,” the woman allegedly responded.

When asked what happened, in the document Bauer says the woman showed her cousin a picture of her bruised and swollen face, adding, “He felt so bad. I literally had no idea it was gonna be that bad!? Like im ok but holy sh*t!?!?”

Bauer says the cousin responded, “Ok ok I thought he actually got violent. As long as it was consensual I don’t have to kill him.”

The woman, according to Bauer, said, “It was consensual but like didnt expect two black eyes!? Like he def took it too far dont you think lol.”

In the docs, Bauer and his attorneys claim the messages help prove the MLB player did not sexually assault the woman.

The accuser’s attorney, though, is calling B.S. on it all … with Bryan Freedman saying in a statement to the L.A. Times, “Mr. Bauer’s defense team is deliberately twisting the tone of text messages exchanged with an assault victim within hours of her being attacked to try to minimize the long-lasting impact on her physical and mental well-being to this day.”

Freedman continued, “[She] did not consent to be punched in her face, punched in her head, punched in her buttocks or repeatedly punched in her vagina.”

Police have said they are investigating Bauer — who’s currently on administrative leave from the Dodgers.

Further court hearings, meanwhile, to determine if a permanent restraining order against Bauer should be put in place are slated to continue later this month.

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