Apologizing for his old conversation with the ‘Icy Girl’ raptress in which he admitted to only loving biracial women, the ‘Ghetto’ rapper says ‘real beauty is in … every race.’

AceShowbizToo Short has backtracked on his preference for mixed women. After landing in colorism controversy that somehow dragged Saweetie, the rapper has now addressed the old conversation and apologized for it.

“I would like to apologize to anybody that’s offended by my words. I am from the Bay Area … and the whole racial thing to me has never been a factor in my circles,” the 55-year-old star tells TMZ. Insisting that he is not a colorist, he elaborates, “It hasn’t been like, because you want to race in somebody else’s another we don’t like you just because you didn’t raise we don’t like you because you look like that and because you speak like that.”

The rapper, also known as Short Dogg, later explains his cultural background, “And in the Bay, there are a lot of mixed cultures and, you know, mixed people. It was like that long before I got there.” He goes on claiming that he doesn’t discriminate against certain people based on their skin colors as saying, “I’m not really into the whole hatred because you’re light, or you’re the best because you’re dark. I’m just not really into that, and I love my blackness. I love my family on my mother side and my father side. We have every complexion.”

Apparently having changed his tune about beautiful women, Too Short adds, “You can’t have blood in your body that makes you better than someone else. Real beauty is in every economic class, every race, and you can go find ugly everywhere too.”

Too Short’s colorist remarks resurfaced earlier this month. In the old IG Live footage, he admitted that he only loves biracial women. “Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite,” he told Saweetie in the clip. “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed.” Seemingly taken aback, Saweetie responded, “Really?!”

“I feel that way about life too like biracial babies are… you can take the two ugliest people from different races and make a baby and that baby would just be beautiful! It happens all the time!” he explained. Saweetie then appeared to laugh the conversation off before the video was cut short.

After part of the chat resurfaced online, Saweetie was blasted for not doing enough to defend black women. She, however, quickly set things straight as she took to her Twitter page to share a full version of the clip in which she told Short, “I heard your comment about when two people come together to make a beautiful baby but black women are beautiful. Period. With their own look, you feel me?”

The Santa Clara-born star added in the caption, “Since @idkthreat blocked me make sure y’all post the whole clip. Black women are beautiful period!”

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