Everyone is rooting for Tiger Woods’s recovery after his awful car crash — including his former mistress.

Rachel Uchitel, who was the other woman in Tiger’s relationship with wife Elin Nordegren (the most famous one, anyway), made headlines recently when she participated in HBO’s docuseries Tiger. In the doc, she revealed her perspective on their affair and the subsequent media firestorm that surrounded them both. Now, she’s giving her perspective on the golfer’s scary accident.

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The 46-year-old told E! News:

“Obviously, I’m shaken to see this. I’m really hoping he walks out of there OK. Knowing Tiger, this is the last thing he wants, the entire world watching him this way. On the golf course, yes, but not like this.”

Very inneresting that Rachel thinks she still has the inside scoop on the athlete’s emotions, more than ten years after their affair. But we digress!

She went on:

“The most important thing is to make sure he’s OK. Thank God it’s a non-life threatening injury… He’s one of the greatest athletes in the world and we’ve been seeing him in one of the greatest sports comebacks in history. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Tiger’s team released an update on the 45-year-old’s condition after undergoing surgery for injuries sustained in the crash. Among other injuries, he suffered “comminuted open fractures” to his right tibia and fibula, which means the bones shattered and broke through the skin. Luckily, the statement also confirmed that he was “awake, responsive, and recovering.”

However, there are still unknowns regarding the details of the accident. TMZ reported that the champion was seen speeding out of his hotel before the incident, and later confirmed that the stretch of road where his vehicle rolled over is well known for causing crashes.

Rachel had some words of wisdom to share about our lack of knowledge about what went down. She said:

“Personally, I just caution everyone, like myself, to wait for the facts before making judgements about what happened. … If people took anything from the HBO documentary, it would be that in the absence of truth and fact, people will speculate or make up their own version of the story to create a narrative.”

Well, we definitely can’t argue with that — it’s actually pretty good advice. We’ll continue to hope for a full and speedy recovery for Tiger as we wait to learn more.

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