American actress Cynthia Nixon runs for New York governor

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79-year-old Greek-Armenian designer Patricia Field, who also recently worked on the set of Emily In Paris, spoke out on And Just Like That star Cynthia Nixon’s “demands”, which she claims her former assistant Molly Rogers catered to when styling her for the show. Comparing 55-year-old Cynthia to her famous co-star, she revealed: “I know those gals!

Cynthia Nixon thinks she knows everything – and she doesn’t!

Patricia Field

“Sarah Jessica [Parker] thinks she knows everything – and she does.

“[However] Cynthia Nixon thinks she knows everything – and she doesn’t!

“Even today, when I speak with Molly, it’s about Cynthia.

“I say, ‘I remember what you are going through’.”

The Emmy award winner is currently at the top of her game, having recently received a $10m paycheck for returning as Miranda Hobbes in And Just Like That, both acting and executive producing on the show.

She also directed the forthcoming January 6th episode, ‘Diwali’, but those accolades cut little ice with feisty Patricia when she expressed sympathy for her assistant’s working relationship with Cynthia.

“I like some of it,” she told The Sunday Times of the styling.

“I don’t like all of it, but I know what Molly’s dealing with.”

Even more controversially, Patricia has described the absence of 65-year-old Kim Cattrall – with whom Sarah Jessica Parker has had a well-documented feud – as a “vacuum”.

“Everyone is mad she won’t be in it,” she claimed. has contacted a representative for Cynthia for comment.

However the feud between Kim and Sarah once escalated to the point that, when the latter sent a message of condolence after her former co-star’s brother committed suicide, she was accused of “exploiting [the] tragedy” by the Samantha Jones actress.

Despite the tension, Patricia has revealed that she would love to take part in a spin-off series with Kim.

It comes after Kim, who had played PR exec Samantha Jones, claimed that she had been “bullied” in an attempt to coerce her to return to her role against her will.

“After the second movie I’d had enough,” she’d told the Guardian in no uncertain terms.

“I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just replace me with another actress instead of wasting time bullying. No means no.”

Meanwhile, although Patricia seems to have given Cynthia’s sense of style a battering, she did wish her a happy birthday last year.

She also hosted two fundraising events in 2018 to aid Cynthia’s failed campaign to become the governor of New York.

Nowadays, Patricia is the costume consultant for Netflix series Emily In Paris, where she has been praised by cast members for her take on chic Parisian fashion.

Starring actress Camille Razat described her as a strong personality and a “true punk”.

Meanwhile, for those eager to catch a continued glimpse of Cynthia, she can be seen on all ten episodes of Sex and The City revival series And Just Like That, in which she falls for the non-binary comedian Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez).

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