Miley Cyrus has written a lot of songs over the years about some pretty controversial subjects. Her 2010 single "Can’t Be Tamed" rattled the public with brash lyrics and a scandal-worthy music video at a time when most still viewed her as a Disney Channel star. In 2013, "We Can’t Stop" scared parents everywhere with talk of partying and drugs, and "Doooo It" exposed the singer’s unabashed love of marijuana to the public just two years later. She’s written a whole bunch of songs about a topic that’s pretty uncontroversial, however, and that’s being unapologetically yourself. These Miley Cyrus lyrics about following your heart are mega inspirational, to say the least.

Cyrus has had to follow her heart more than a few times since she launched her solo music career after starring in Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel from 2006 to 2011. She faced hardships in both her personal and professional life, like her on-and-off relationship with Liam Hemsworth (that ended in a divorce) and the waves of internet criticism she received during the Bangerz album cycle over her non-kid-friendly image. The singer is no stranger to obstacles and challenges, and much of her recent music covers the topic of overcoming adversity.

Smilers are probably already familiar with Cyrus’ most famous inspirational quotes about following your heart, but there are several lesser known songs in her discography that are just as poignant as "The Climb." If you’re looking for some mantras to help you get through the day, or maybe just need a mental push in the right direction from pop music’s fiercest ally, scroll down to read through some of Cyrus’ lyrics about following your heart.

"Slide Away"

Fans know just how personal and raw this song is for Cyrus. She released the track soon after news broke of her split from her former husband Liam Hemsworth in June 2019, so her heartbreak was fresh.

The outro, "Move on, we’re not seventeen/ I’m not who I used to be/ You say that everything changed/ You’re right, we’re grown now," speaks volumes about letting go of a toxic relationship and following your gut to leave them.

"Do My Thang"

If "Slide Away" was a little too depressing, don’t worry, "Do My Thang" will pump you up. The song was practically made to be an encouraging self-love anthem. Before the big beat drop post-chorus, Cyrus sings, "Every single night and every single day/ I’ma do my thang, I’ma do my thang/ So don’t you worry ’bout me, I’ma be okay." When you don’t know what path to take, take Cyrus’ and just do your "thang."

"On My Own"

Not everyone looks to Bangerz for Cyrus’ most introspective tracks, but the album is ripe with motivational quotes about trusting yourself and being unapologetic. "And when you talk about your dreams, I’m never included/ I need to stop sleeping on myself/ Wake up, and do it on my own," Cyrus sings in the pre-chorus of "On My Own," one of her 2013 record’s most personal tracks.

"Gimme What I Want"

This track is one of the kinkier and wilder songs in Cyrus’ discography, with allusions to BDSM throughout the verses and chorus. It contains a powerful message, too, all about demanding your worth from a partner. "Self-inflicted torture, you don’t have to ask/ I just need a lover/ So gimme what I want or I’ll give it to myself," she sings in the chorus. Sure, it’s probably about sex, but it’s also a metaphor for looking out for your best interests and having agency in your relationships.

"Never Be Me"

"But if you’re looking for stable, that’ll never be me/ If you’re looking for faithful, that’ll never be me/ If you’re looking for someone to be all that you need/ That’ll never be me," Cyrus sings on one of the most honest tracks off Plastic Hearts. She’s fully admitting anything her partner might criticize her for, fully unapologetic about her flaws and following her heart. I’m jealous.

"Mother’s Daughter"

Cyrus is perhaps her most demanding on this track, but she’s setting the tone for her entire discography by being so authentic. "Don’t f*ck with my freedom/ I came up to get me some/ I’m nasty, I’m evil/ Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter," she sings in the catchy chorus.

The lines combine to assemble more than just a catchy chorus, though, and paint a full picture of Cyrus that’s fierce and ready to challenge her opponents. We should all be that confident.

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