Nick Jonas is surely going to have a headache after Tuesday’s episode of “The Voice,” and he has himself (or John Legend) to blame. 

The returning coach was “so mad” that Legend blocked him from 20-year-old singer  Ciana Pelekai that he unintentionally slammed his head down on his button in frustration. Ouch. 

“I think I need some ice, because I was so mad… I hit my head on my button,” Jonas said following Pelekai’s energetic rendition of Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey. He added,  “I used a block on John and he retaliated. I am pretty devastated right now.”

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Nick Jonas is surely going to have a headache after Tuesday's episode of "The Voice," and he has himself (or John Legend) to blame. (Photo: NBC, Trae Patton/NBC)

Legend could hardly wipe the smile from his face. 

“I had this feeling that if anybody was going to compete for (Pelekai’s) affection with me, it would be this guy,” Legend said. “And this was the moment to get him back.”

Shelton didn’t even bother to turn for Pelekai because “we all know (she) probably wanted John anyway,” but he did show some rare affection for his arch nemesis.

“We all want John a little bit. He’s sexy,” Shelton revealed. And he’s not lying. Legend has achieved “VEGOTSMA” status, winning “The Voice,” an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony Award and People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2019. 

Takes one to know one: Shelton was named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2017. 

Legend and Jonas went head-to-head the very next contestant: Jose Figueroa Jr., 34, who gave a beautiful performance of “At This Moment” by Billy Vera & The Beaters.

This time around Legend ended up “Jealous” of Jonas, who engaged in some old-fashioned psychological warfare to secure “finale-worthy” Figueroa on his team. 

“I cannot have you pick John Legend. It will not happen,” Jonas pleaded. “It would break my heart. I cannot sleep tonight if you pick John Legend.”

Kelly Clarkson added, “You will ruin his life.”

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Legend accused Jonas of unfairly unleashing “emotional manipulation” to make Figueroa “feel guilty” about his pick. (Shelton just calls it plain “honesty.”)

“You see how all three of them conspire against us working together,” Legend said. “Nick is going to be just fine no matter what… He is an extremely successful artist.”

Shelton quipped, “But he has to split his income three ways. John. This is a way bigger deal for Nick,” who is one-third of the multiplatinum Jonas Brothers band. 

All the guilting worked, because Figueroa selected Jonas as his coach.  

“The other coaches pretend not to be intimated by me,” Jonas said. “But I think when they go to bed at night, they think of my face and my chair turning and an artist picking me. “

Blind Auditions resume on “The Voice” Tuesday on NBC. 

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