Amid Britney Spears‘ very public conservatorship battle, it has come to light that she and her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears don’t have the closest relationship. Britney has called her little sister out a number of times for speaking about her conservatorship while allegedly not helping the singer get out of it. Now, sources close to the mother of two are saying that Britney has no intention of rekindling things with Jamie Lynn.

Britney Spears threw shade at Jamie Lynn for releasing a book.

Recently, Jamie Lynn announced that she was releasing a new memoir titled, Things I Should Have Said.

“I felt a strong conviction to share my story, but there was a lot of personal work and healing that had to happen before I could share my truth the proper way,” she wrote in a caption on Instagram. ” I’ve spent my whole life believing that I had to pretend to be perfect, even when I wasn’t, so for the first time I am opening up about my own mental health, because this process challenged me to have to be painfully honest with myself, and face a lot of hard things, that I normally would have just glossed right over, like I was taught to.”

Britney was quick to respond with an Instagram post of her own.

“Yep …. I think I got carried away yesterday when I posted four times …. Oh well … this is me thinking about it … sh*t …. I will be cool one day!” she wrote. “Psss sorry for the uncool participation !!!!! Psssssss also great news … I’m thinking of releasing a book next year but I’m having issues coming up with a title so maybe my fans could help !!!! Option #1 … “Sh*t, I really don’t know” Option #2 … “I really care what people think !!!” What do you guys think?”

Why Britney Spears doesn’t want to mend fences with Jamie Lynn

For Britney, Jamie Lynn’s new book is just another instance where her sister has let her down.

“What saddens Britney the most is that Jamie Lynn isn’t even using this opportunity to speak out in support of her,” the source continued. “At this point, Britney is not interested in pursuing a relationship with her sister. And who could blame her?” 

Is Britney still in a conservatorship?

Though fans of Britney have been cheering about Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, being recently suspended from her conservatorship, the conservatorship itself is still in place. It is expected to be disbanded during Britney’s next hearing on November 12. Sources close to the star have revealed that she has no intentions of releasing new music anytime soon, even after the conservatorship is dissolved.

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