“To the pain” indeed…

If you are a big fan of Cary Elwes, we warn you that you may never be able to look at the poor man again without seeing this in your mind.

For those who didn’t hear, the Princess Bride hero was airlifted to the hospital on Saturday after being bit by a rattlesnake in his yard in Malibu. We did not know at the time the extent of his injuries or even the location of the bite on his body. But the stiff-upper-lipped Brit has chosen to share that information on Twitter with a photo of the actual injury.

He wrote with gratitude and good humor:

“Bit not by a ROUS but a rattlesnake. Grateful to the staff of Malibu Urgent Care, LA County Fire Dept. and the staff and medical professionals at @UCLAHealth for their great care. Am recovering well thanks to all these wonderful folks.

We love that he even had the self awareness to reference his most famous role! So fun! However, your smile may drop quickly when you see the shocking photo.


If you’re still here, you can see the pic for yourself (below):

Oh dear…

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