The Killers released a deluxe edition of their Imploding the Mirage album on Friday (January 29), and it contains previously unreleased track “C’est La Vie” along with stripped-down versions of two other tracks.

“Caution (Wasatch Style)” and “Blowback (Acoustic)” are the stripped-down tracks on the deluxe edition.

“C’est La Vie” is a piano-spiced rhythmic track that features frontman Brandon Flowers‘ lyrics about how one feels up at times and hits lows sometimes.

“There’s dignity in calloused hands/ The tools you have are not for sale/ Well, sometimes, you’re the hammer/ And sometimes, you’re the nail/ It’s not about how you get lost/ It’s what you do to find the trail,” Brandon sings before dropping into a chorus.

(Photo: Olivia Bee)

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