The singer/songwriter is forced to explain himself as the video from the 2017 VH1 show sees him and Rick Ross apparently favoring a contestant, who has lighter skin, more than the other, who has darker complexion.

AceShowbizRick Ross wasn’t the only one who landed in hot water for allegedly showcasing colorism behavior in a video from “Signed” that resurfaced online recently. The-Dream was also forced to explain himself as the video saw them favoring one contestant, who has lighter skin, more than the other, who has darker complexion.

“1. It’s called editing. 2. I’m sure I picked a talented singer named Bria. Yes she’s Dark but that’s not why I chose her. 3. Y’all are the ones that’s weird as f**k. Like wtf is wrong with y’all? Did you even see the show? So nah f**k y’all 4. 5. Y’all only show up for f**ks**t,” so the singer/songwriter wrote on Twitter on Sunday, January 24.

He went on to say, “Idgaf, it’s useless. The liars are on top. The thieves are applauded for stealing, the religions are for everybody. belief in fact have given way to a the internet the new editors of the truth. Like those first Bible editors. You know it’s not real but you still repeat it.foh. I wish people could get sued for lying. But wait liars usually ain’t got s**t. Ahhhh now I get it.”

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Not stopping there, The-Dream doubled down on his statement in a series of tweets on Tuesday. “Recap: I’m completely surprised by even the smallest amount of people that would ever test my Blackness and my love for my people and my culture in everyshade esp. the darkest of u. I’m not overly surprised. But as much as I’ve done to move women forward through songs and always,” he told his followers.

“Being the one that make sure s**t looks a certain way. I’m sure every director and every artist or person who have saw me work and been around me know exactly how I prefer things. Black a** f**k all the time. With all I’ve done this is what y’all have for me. Makes you think diff,” he ranted. He added in a separate tweet, “I watch you all talk and still I took the higher space. I always do I always did. Now me I’m not black enough even though I walked out of labels left 5ms cause race s**t.”

In the viral video of the 2017 VH1 show, Just Brittany and Kaiya could be seen performing in front of Rick, The-Dream and Lenny S. Rick told Just Brittany that she had a “bright” future despite her struggle singing on the right pitch. Meanwhile, Rick interrupted Kaiya, who sang effortlessly, and told her that it “wasn’t the best platform for your voice.”

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