Two more shows just got the axe at The CW!

Supernatural prequel series The Winchesters and Kung Fu were just announced to be canceled by the network, which has been undergoing some changes.

“As we reimagine the new CW, we had to make some tough programming decisions,” The CW shared in a statement, via TV Line. “We thank our partners at Warner Bros. and the casts and creative teams of Kung Fu and The Winchesters for all their hard work, creativity and dedication.”

However, this may not be the end for one of the shows.

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It’s also being reported that The Winchesters‘ studio Warner Bros Television has “been preparing to look for a new home, and plans to be aggressive in its efforts,” according to Deadline.

Executive Producers Jensen and Danneel Ackles recently moved their first look deal over to Amazon Studios, so it could be likely that they’ll pitch to bring the show to Prime Video.

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