A very sexist scandal? The Crown’s Claire Foy reveals row with ‘mansplaining’ workmen who installed her television

She was majestic on screen when she played the Queen in The Crown – but that didn’t earn Claire Foy any respect when sexist workmen came to install her television.

The star has told how the men patronisingly told her she was putting the device in the wrong place, and described their ‘mansplaining’ as yet another example of ‘everyday misogyny’.

She had two workers in to install the TV after she moved house, and knew exactly where she wanted it positioned.

Claire Foy as Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, in the new BBC drama A Very British Scandal

But they ‘decided to give me a speech about how I was putting my TV – that I had paid for – in the wrong place.

‘I said “No, that’s where I want it” and they were, “Yeah love, you’re not doing it right.”‘

‘And I was like, “No, no, no, no, no, that’s where I want my TV, so that’s where it’s going to go.”‘

Foy amazed viewers with her performance as the Queen in Netflix’s The Crown

Speaking to the Reign podcast, the 37-year-old added: ‘Now it was after a very long day, but I just basically went, “I do not need anyone to tell me where I should put my TV in my own house” – naff off, basically.

‘That’s just one case. I would never have presumed to tell a man, or anybody else, that they were wrong about where they were going to put their TV.’

The actress, who stars in A Very British Scandal on BBC1 tonight, said it was a classic example of a ‘fundamental and deep-rooted’ belief that ‘basically it’s a man’s right to express what he says as fact but it’s not a woman’s right’.

She continued: ‘The world is just different for the two different genders. And it’s just a messy, messy thing that we all have to be able to look at in some way.’

Ms Foy says she is also irritated by men telling her to ‘cheer up, love’, saying it is ‘completely uncalled for’.

She added: ‘Someone could have had some awful news, or something terrible might have happened.’

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