Libras are born between September 23 and October 22. These autumnal air signs are ruled by the planet Venus, making them amiable, diplomatic, loving, and absolutely charming (via Astrology). 

Libras love connecting with people and are able to bring out the best in those around them. They are also able to perfectly adapt to different groups and settings – talk about social butterflies! Take a Libra to a black tie affair or a rodeo and they will shine, endearing themselves to everyone around and appearing like they’ve always belonged. 

These Venusian-based babes also care greatly for justice and abhor conflict of any kind. This makes them incredible peacemakers. They can help talk down a high-intensity situation and bring logical and peaceful resolution to conflicts. Their loving, gentle nature helps to create peace and harmony in all things, so it might be nice to have one in the friend group. 

They also love things that are aesthetically pleasing, so of course they’re huge lovers of nature, beauty trends, music, and culture. Their homes are carefully decorated to meet their precise style and you surely expect them to have the wardrobe to match. 

Libras make for great artists as well. They are likely to be the first on a dance floor, in the front row of a concert, making art with their own two hands, or planting flowers in a garden. Leaving people and places better than they found them is their ultimate goal. 

Libras aren't always the most balanced people

As with any sign, the upsides of Libras are also accompanied by some drawbacks (via Cosmopolitan). 

That romanticism and dedication to harmony and love makes Libras passionate, dedicated, gentle, loving, and supportive partners. They will shower their partner with affection and will want to work to make their relationships better. However, by “better” what they are really striving for is “perfect.” Idealists to a fault, Libras are always seeking the highest and best for themselves and for the world at large. They can therefore have a hard time coping with imperfections or with conflicts that naturally arise in relationships. This can cause Libras to take longer to commit to a person than other signs. They have a lot to give and expect it in return, so they are careful about who they give that energy.

Furthermore, this slow-to-commit attitude spills over into other types of decision making for similar reasons. Choosing which apartment to rent, what car to buy, or which job to pursue can truly send Libra into a tailspin. They’ll make lists obsessively to find a logically choice and feel their way to the “perfect” answer. Basically, they hate that there often isn’t a “right and wrong,” just different experiences. This truly stresses them out and their indecision can baffle and frustrate those closest to them.

To give your Libra a boost, take them to a beautiful place in nature so they can ground themselves and get their heads on straight.  

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