Protecting her fans!

Over the weekend, SZA stopped a concert in Salt Lake City to make sure a fan who passed out in the crowd got the medical care they needed. While she had everyone’s attention, the artist used the moment to address Travis Scott’s tragic Astroworld Festival, which has resulted in ten deaths so far.

In a now-viral TikTok video, the musician was captured making sure that an unconscious fan was OK, saying:

“This person is literally flat out, like passed the f**k out, flat on the ground, non-responsive and it’s important that we just make sure that they’re OK.”

Upset that staff wasn’t getting to the person quick enough, the All The Stars singer added:

“Where the f**k is the medic?”

In another clip, the songwriter noted that fans passing out at a packed show isn’t that unusual, but she went on to stress what is, explaining:

“Yes, I have played concerts where people have passed out before.”

The Good Days vocalist shared:

“And it’s like, somebody said, ‘People pass out all the time, blah, blah, blah.’ But people don’t die at concerts all the time.”

Seriously!! After instructing her team to bring all her “personal” water bottles to the stage so she could give them out to fans, the 32-year-old passionately continued:

“None of us should ever, like, don’t ever forget that.”

The important message was met with a lot of cheers from fans who seemed to have no problem being “patient” while the show was briefly shut down to care for a person in need. And those who viewed the video online had a similar reaction, writing:

“You can tell she’s traumatized by this too & the fact she’s speaking up speaks so much volume this is the energy Travis & drake need to have PERIOD”


“Just for clarification. She does this in every show. It’s not just because of the Travis show.”

All the more amazing!!

Check out the viral videos (below)!

most humble down to earth human. loved every second of this show<3 #sza #astroworld #travisscott #fyp #staysafe #peaceandlove

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