Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram following is growing at warp speed. The actor-producer has been steadily increasing in popularity thanks to her numerous projects. However, since Euphoria Season 2 premiered, Sweeney’s following seems to be growing exponentially each and every week. But while fans are seeing a slice of the actor’s life, they’re not really seeing who she truly is.

For a celebrity, Sweeney’s activity on Instagram is fairly limited. At the time of this article, she only has 249 posts. Her activity on Instagram stories is relatively minimal also. While Sweeney has a few saved stories on her page, they are typically used to give fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the many projects she’s worked on. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Sweeney’s Instagram posts surround her work, and that’s actually very intentional.

Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram doesn’t really reflect the real her

In an interview with Hello Giggles, Sweeney got candid about her relationship with Instagram and other social media platforms. She explained why she mostly chooses to keep her activity professional rather than personal.

“For me, social media is a space for work where I put my press or different things that surround my work, but sometimes I feel guilty that [people] aren’t getting to see the real Syd,” Sweeney revealed. “But I don’t know if I should cross that barrier. It’s this fine line of trying to show the most authentic me through my work.”

Why the ‘Euphoria’ actor keeps most of her social media activity work related

While Sweeney sometimes wonders if she should give fans a glimpse of her true personality, ultimately, she’s trying to protect herself. Having millions of eyeballs on her every move is a challenge for the Sharp Objects alum, and often produces anxiety. So, in a bid to protect her peace, she typically keeps her posts work-related. In a conversation with tmrw magazine, Sweeney disclosed that she’s sensitive to people criticizing and judging her.

“I’m much more comfortable being judged as a character than I am myself”, Sweeney revealed, “Having social media makes it even more nerve-wracking because people look at me a certain way and so I get judged more. It’s so sad because before I post a picture I’m literally debating for an hour like ‘should I post this or not?’ The fact that I’m mentally having to think that hard about something so simple…I know something’s wrong here. How is it OK that so much of my energy and my thought is going towards this? I know everyone always says ‘I don’t care what they think’ but that’s not me. I do read the comments and they do affect me.”

Sweeney explained what her Instagram page would be if she wasn’t famous

We’re sure Sweeney’s loyal fans can understand why The Handmaid’s Tale alum chooses to keep her real self to herself. However, the actor has thought about what her Instagram page would look like if she wasn’t a celebrity with millions of followers.

“[My Instagram] would definitely include a lot of my dog,” Sweeney told Hello Giggles. “I grew up on a lake, so it would be me cliff jumping or skiing or on hikes. I love being outdoors and finding something to climb and jump off of.” We’re sure plenty of people can relate to Sweeney’s appreciation for nature and love for her treasured pet, Tank.

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