Suge Knight might be locked up, but that doesn’t mean his voice will remain behind bars … cuz the Death Row mogul is starting a podcast from prison.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained the first intro to “Collect Calls With Suge Knight” — his new podcast with Breakbeat Media CEO and The Source magazine co-founder, Dave Mays.

Dave tells us they’ve already stashed about 5 episodes containing half-hour conversations each ahead of the pod’s official Halloween ’23 launch and, for what it’s worth, the prison staff appear to be fine with it.

As for topics covered — we’re told Suge won’t leave much unturned when it comes to hip hop — responding to the legions of artists/hip hop pundits who have been using his name for headlines and expanding on his thoughts of Snoop Dogg owning the Death Row brand.

Remember, Suge’s got history with everyone from Master P and Wack 100 to Warren G and Akon … so they’re essentially all on notice.

Dave says the pod’s not only about slinging mud — Suge wants the younger generation to benefit from his experiences — good and bad — and will be looking to connect them with older artists and also fielding questions from the audience.

BreakBeat will be dropping podcast episodes weekly … audio on Thursdays and video on Fridays on all major platforms with a sneak peek of the first convo coming on Oct. 24.

Suge called into TMZ Live not too long ago and told us he had no intention of snitching on Keefe D after his arrest in connection Tupac Shakur‘s murder … so don’t count on that happening on the podcast.

So ya, maybe the saying is true … just about everybody DOES have a podcast.

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