Amy Dowden talks about hair loss from chemotherapy

Amy Dowden has admitted she’s been crying on a daily basis and can no longer bear to brush her own hair, after a series of gruelling chemotherapy treatments have taken their toll.

Hair loss is very common – and often unavoidable – as the medication that attacks cancer cells also damages healthy cells in the body, including those at the roots of the hair – and the emotional impact of bald patches can be huge.

Amy, who celebrated her 33rd birthday with twin sister Rebecca last month, has now opened up in an Instagram video about the tough side effects of battling the disease.

“So many messages asking me how I’m coping with the hair loss and I’m not gonna lie, it is really hard,” the Strictly Come Dancing star told her 503,000 followers.

“I think I cry less now. To begin with, it was every day, but now I have meltdowns when I wash my hair once a week,” the star added.

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Fighting back tears, she told the world: “For the last two weeks now, I haven’t brushed my hair and that has definitely helped.

“Since I came out of hospital with the blood clots, I stopped brushing it myself because I was just getting distraught seeing how much was falling out.”

Her husband Ben Jones, a fellow dance champ who she married last year, has been brushing it for her to limit her awareness of the hair loss.

“I obviously am aware of it, but I’m not physically seeing or holding the hair that I’m losing and that for me is helping me big time,” she explained.

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In her latest Instagram video, she showed off her stunning looks with a purple and pink scarf covering her hairline.

“If I take my scarf off, you’ll see there’s hardly any [hair left], but it’s okay. I keep telling myself, ‘This too shall pass,'” she explained.

Admitting that hair loss had been the “hardest part” of her terrifying treatment plan, she added that she isn’t ready to shave off all of her locks.

“I will get to that point… but I’m just not ready yet,” she declared.

Meanwhile, the star has been thinking positive and has vowed that, as soon as she’s able, she’ll be returning to Strictly and the dancefloor she loves.

Though there have been some tears, and a dangerous bout of sepsis after the chemo weakened her immune system, she’s shared that the Strictly team is looking into wigs for her to help her look and feel her most glamorous for a possible 2023 appearance.

Meanwhile, the prognosis seems good for Amy, and she has high hopes of making a total recovery, following her mastectomy and hospital treatments.

She’d previously declared: “You can take away my boob, but you can’t take dancing away from me!”

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