A man rushed the field at the 2021 Super Bowl and went streaking in a pink unitard… and it appears it was all an ad for an adult website.

The moment happened with just five minutes to go in the last quarter of the game on Sunday night (February 7) at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla.

The man, dressed in a hot pink one-piece swimsuit or unitard and black shorts, ran onto the field while players were still on the field. A video shows that the man made it all the way to the end zone before getting tackled by security guards.

“We’ve got a fan on the field,” commentator Jim Beglin said while the stunt unfolded on live TV. “One of the great runs of the night, I will say that. They should sign them!”

The swimsuit had the logo for adult website Vitalty Uncensored and it appears that he might have been hired by the website to do the stunt. Vulture reports that the website had someone rush the field in a leotard last year as well.

Click through the gallery for 15 photos of the streaker on the field…

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